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Dr. Guy Nehrenz, EdD, RRT

Certified and Insured Part 107 Pilot

Educator and Clinician

About the Pilot

I'm a Part 107 pilot and owner of West Boca Aerial Photography, I have a passion for flying and precision photography. I started West Boca AeriaI Photography to build a company that provides outstanding aerial services. I specialize in creating orthomosaic maps and high resolution photos and videos of trains, bridges, waterways, parks, agriculture, construction sites and anything that needs a birds-eye view or a progress report. I stand by my work and use the best equipment for the task at hand. We also have the equipment and knowledge to create 360 Tours upon request along with high quality 24 megapixel wide angle DSLR photos and aerial panoramas.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires that all pilots obtain their Part 107 certification before they can operate drones commercially. This certification requires completion of an in-depth aviation training program which covers topics such as air space, flight regulations, weather, and communication protocols. Additionally, potential pilots must pass an FAA aeronautical knowledge test, very similar to a private pilot, in order to obtain their license. 

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